Via Raetia

Hikers along the via raetia

The Via Raetia represents an hiking-cultural trail completely surrounded by the green spaces of the Camonica Valley. The trail is 75 kilometers long and covers ancient paths used by men since the dawn of time: it can get you in touch with the signs which defined the history, the roots and the culture of this ancient territory. 


First of all, walking in Camonica Valley means losing yourself into in a real haven of peace in order to understand the life and the paces of Nature: from the slopes of the Stelvio National Park, one of the oldest natural park of Italy, up to the heart of Retiche Alps where you can find the Adamello Park and one of its most famous path, Sentiero n 1.  Many others parks and forests make 60% of the Valley a protected area. 

Rock Art Parks

One of the most famous signs of the Camonica Valley are the stone carvings, real incisions dug into the rocks as mark of expression of this primitive society. The most important and revealing Stone Carvings were discovered near Capo di Ponte , where there are the Archeological Park "Massi di Cemmo", the National Stone Carvings Park of Naquane and the extraordinary route of Seradina-Bedolina. There are also other interesting Parks in Luine, a district of Boario Terme, Sonico and Sellero and the Park of Ceto, Cimbergo e Paspardo. In 1979 Rock Drawnings of Camonica Valley were recognized from UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Roman art

Walking down the Via Raetia you can admire some extraordinary testimonies of the medieval Roman style like the Pieve of Saint Sirus, with its serious look that overlooks all the Central Valley from above its unassailable craig. On the mountain side, just in front of the Pieve rises the Monastery of San Salvatore, another beautiful example of Roman building. Placed in panoramic positions in Breno, Cimbergo e Darfo Boario Terme there are some wonderful well-preserved medieval castles. 


Numerous are the churches, the parish churches, the monasteries and cult places, but the real testimony of faith in Camonica Valley is the Via Crucis in Cerveno, a masterpiece of wooden art by Beniamino Simoni. Inside the sanctuary of Cerveno and its "capèle" (niches) there are 198 minor-figures which make the public live again the passion and the tragedy of the Way of The Cross. 


Simplicity and quality are the main characteristics of food in Camunia which preserve a great cooking tradition since ever. Every season and every area of the Valley give to their products some particular qualities which enrich the local cooking art with several tastes.